About Us

Founded on ethical and responsible business practices, Collins Steel is an Edmonton based structural steel and fabrication company that serves the commercial, institutional, industrial, and high-rise markets.

Ever since Paul Collins started the business in 1984 the organization has been steadily working to improve the manufacturing and installation techniques of our industry; however, our people recognize that technology is only one aspect of innovating the construction process.

We have had Building Information Modeling (BIM) capability since 1998, but we still understand the importance of sharing information to deliver the best results for the customer. We are leaders in design build, design assist, integrated project delivery (IPD), and BIM strategies because our people understand the importance of collaboration in construction.

Collins Steel is also a founding member of the CISC Steel Center at the University of Alberta. The goal is to advance competence an innovation in design in the steel industry. We are a member to perpetuate our values in lifelong learning and to ensure we invest in the necessary linkage between industry and education. www.steelcentre.ca

These are just a few of the ways our passion for improvement finds its way into our day-to-day work.

Over the years, our people have established a corporate environment which encourages creative problem solving, rigour in scheduling, and continuous improvement. These are passions we share with our construction peers on every project we undertake, and ones we are eager to apply to your project.

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